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Help us promote the recreational use of the Ohio River and the creation of a national water trail.

For an overview of why we are establishing the Ohio River Recreation Trail check out the video by Kertis Creative

Click here for the November 26 trail update announcing the National Park Service Technical Assistance Grant.

Click here for copies of the November National Park Service and Ohio River Recreation Trail Press Releases.

A video produced by and aired on Metro Louisville TV: Feature Story on Ohio River Recreation Trail from the June Ohio River Odyssey.

The Ohio River Recreation Trail supports a great variety of recreational opportunities including bird watching, bicycling, paddling, cruising, fishing, attending river festivals along the Ohio, and more.

We are a collaborative group from several river communities that seeks designation by the National Parks Service of a 250-mile stretch of the Ohio River and its banks as a National Water Trail, with support from the National Park Service and state-level regulatory entities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

We are currently developing a digital guide to the Ohio River, to read more about it and access to other Ohio River maps and charts.

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