The Ohio River Recreation Trail Voyageur Canoe Adventure (June 1-9, 2019)

We were fortunate to complete our Inaugural Ohio River Trail Adventure where we paddled from Portsmouth, Ohio to Louisville, KY on June 1-9, 2019.  We had one Voyageur Canoe with 10 hearty souls paddling from Portsmouth to Cincinnati (June 1-5) and three Voyageurs with around 30 people paddling from Cincinnati to Louisville (June 6-9). A team of cyclists also accompanied us to document bike routes along the way. We are grateful that so many communities agreed to host us for dinner and overnight camping. As we paddled we identified and “geo tagged” key points of interest that were uploaded in real time to our Digital Guide. We also had professional photographers, several reporters, and a video crew (for at least one day) to help us document the trip.  We had a wonderful time visiting with many of you as we made our way down the Ohio!

Check out John Nation and Joe Wolek’s visual diary of the 2019 Ohio River Voyageur Canoe trip

Check out our facebook page for videos and pictures of the recent adventure!

Ohio River Recreation Trail facebook page

Schedule may change due to weather
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